Surf fins - FCS and Futures surfboard fins


Welcome to the fin El Dorado! Don't look any further, the fin set you are looking for is right here, under your eyes. From twin fins to thruster and quad: it's raining models from FCS and Futures, filling up your computer screen with the best models out there. If you need any advice on which model is the best for you, don't hesitate to contact us on the Chat.
Find all the surfing fins from the world leaders, FCS and Futures. Fins setup allow you to adapt your board to the current conditions and to the style you want to get. For a curvy surf, the carver model from FCS is the ideal one, as the Performer line-up is geared more towards the search for explosive maneuvers. Between quad, thruster, combo, twin fins or single fin, both FCS and Futures offer all different set-ups to make sure you will find the perfect one for your needs. Check out the latest models developed by brands using the best constructions and materials like resin, honeycomb, fiberglass, plastic, and carbon. Those are all materials that the fins expert use when comes the time to create new composite materials, like FCS' Neo Glass and Futures' Blackstix. These technologies help to improve your performance once on your board, thanks to the fins' lightweight and flex. Find models you like in all systems: Futures, FCS 2 and FCS 1. Our goal to create the largest possible offer in terms of fins and accessories, and we keep bringing in more brands and models so that you can have total freedom of choice. So pick your favorite and let's meet at the peak!