Surf pads - Dakine, FCS surfboard pads

Surf pads

Front pad or tail pad, they will bring you comfort and grip in all colors and shapes, for more maneuverability. Gorilla, FCS or Dakine: all reference names offering pads made with the best technology. Such a big choice that it might make your head spin!
Going for a take-off and realizing that your heel is on the board but the rest of your foot is in the water: that's an excellent reason to pick a tail pad, a traction pad or a deck grip on the front part of your board. This is just to make sure that both your feet stay right where they are supposed to be. Discover dozens of models made by experts in the field: FCS, Ocean, Earth and Gorilla. The Grip Pad is one element that will allow you to push even more in your maneuvers while keeping your weight (and your feet) at the right place. It's also a big advantage compared to wax, which can sometimes melt, depending on the temperature. Choosing a pad is also making sure to have some grip on your board, no matter how radical your maneuver is: it will allow you to push even harder on your feet. Here you can find a vast selection of pads with a great diversity of characteristics, in order to match all the different types of boards out there.