Akewatu, the largest surf marketplace in UK made by surfers and for surfers
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Akewatu, the biggest UK surf marketplace

Akewatu.co.uk is a surf marketplace with 4 years of success throughout Europe & now the #1 search engine for surfboards, Akewatu gathers European’s best surf shops & shapers to create the largest surf catalog on the Internet. See the 3 mains benefits Akewatu brings to surf community. This is the place where you’ll find your next surfboard.

  1. How Akewatu controls the quality of used surfboards thanks to a unique certification process?

Akewatu has created a unique certification process for 2nd hand surfboards, a first of its kind. Individual sellers can now list their product on a dedicated surf platform. Akewatu validates every product before it passes onto the buyer. We drive individual sellers into their local surf shop who then confirm the product quality before being freighted.

Akewatu is a mix of new shopping technology and old school methods…when we all used to go into our local surf shop & have a yarn. Any board that can be resold & re-used is a great thing for our planet & something all surfers should get behind. Current pro surfers like Johanne Defay, Justine Dupont, Jorgann Couzinet, Ramzi Boukhiam & many others all choose to list their used quivers through Akewatu.

2.How Akewatu has set up a premium shipping system to make sure all surfboards are shipped safely?

Akewatu Team has set up a shipping system dedicated to surfboards to make sure all our boards are delivered the best way possible. We send all our surfboards around the world with the Flexi-Hex material. It’s a little revolution in surfboard delivery, an unique and fully recyclable way to wrap-up your board. We also guarantee a transportation insurance for all our shipping.

For new material, you have a 14-day period upon receipt of your order in which to change your mind. For used material, before shipping your board, our expert takes the time to make sure it is exactly as advertised. If it’s not the case or if the board has been damaged during transportation, you have 2 days after receipt to inform our team and then you are refunded.

3. How Akewatu offers the largest choice for surfboards with more than 3000 new and used surfboards?

Akewatu doesn’t own any sellable product themselves. We gatherthe biggest gathering of australian surf shops and shapers ever seen. The retailer owns every product listed on the site. All new boards are sold by the surf shops or brands, all used boards are sold by the surf shops or individuals. The website is designed so all surfers can easily search every brand or model option, with support & advice.

Article written by Antoine Marchadour
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Pauline Ado, Jorgann Couzinet, Justine Dupont ... so many pro surfer in the French surfing community who have joined the Akewatu team to sell their used surfingboard. Whether it’s boards with few sessions or more second hand that have seen their champions won titles: this is where it happens.
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