Our commitment to delivering a quality retail experience to all our customers

Our commitment to delivering a quality retail experience to all our customers

One of our missions at Akewatu has always been to satisfy our customer needs in an eco-friendly and community-oriented manner. Through our extensive online classifieds platform we are able to support surf shops, shapers and athletes alike. We attempt to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by optimizing our delivery services. Whenever we can we try to use recycled materials for our packaging. Every day we attempt to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.  

At the mercy of so many variables, surfing demands a large chunk of dedication and commitment at any level. Set up by surfers for surfers, the sport’s values are also Akewatu’s. We’re fully committed to ensuring surfers needs are met to the highest standards. Good vibes are key to all our daily interactions and our team love to surf and pass on their expert knowledge every day.

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A premium delivery service

Thanks to a premium packaging and shipping process specifically adapted to surfboards Akewatu ensures there are no bad surprises on receipt of your order.

If you come to order more than one article on the site, it’s likely you’ll receive your order in several shipments. As we advertise gear from several hundred surf shops throughout Europe and Australia, items are not necessarily shipped from the same location.

To ensure the best quality delivery service, we only work with the world’s leading courier companies. For all Australian orders goods are shipped via TNT Express Shipping. For all deliveries to the UK we work with DHL.

Our merchandise return service

–> Wetsuits, apparel, accessories

Akewatu allows you to return product free of charge within 30 days of receiving your order. Orders are to be returned in the original packaging and dropped at one of our postal delivery outlets. Send us an email at [email protected] to get your best option for postal delivery outlets.

–> Surfboards

For all orders issued from professional resellers, you are able to return product within 14 days of reception. Shipping fees are at the customer’s expense and merchandise must be returned in the original packaging. Expect to pay around $30 AUD for anything under 7’0”, and $48 AUD for anything above. We also offer customers the option of reselling their boards on Akewatu commission-free within 30 days of delivery.

For purchases issued from individual sellers (i.e. used surfboards guaranteed by one of our affiliated surf shops) a return is only possible if the surfboard does not conform to the original description. However, you do have the option of reselling the board on Akewatu commission-free within 30 days of delivery.

In order to keep merchandise returns to a minimum, our online sales team are here to offer you advice with all your purchases. Have one of our sales team call you back to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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  • Board bags
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Our fins

Discover our fins category and make the choice within our huge selection.

Pauline Ado, Jorgann Couzinet, Justine Dupont ... so many pro surfer in the French surfing community who have joined the Akewatu team to sell their used surfingboard. Whether it’s boards with few sessions or more second hand that have seen their champions won titles: this is where it happens.
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