Return and refund policy on Akewatu

Our first priority is to make all sellers and buyers happy. We are the trusted third party between you and surf shops or individual sellers. Here is how it works when it comes to return and refunds on our website. To see our full return policy and more, please check our Terms and Conditions

What happens if the surfboard I’ve bought doesn’t comply with its description on the website?
All our surfboards are checked by experts before shipping but if you see that the product does not primarily comply with its description on the website, do not wait.

  1. Inform Akewatu Team using your Akewatu messaging within 2 days of receipt. The claim must be detailed and clearly indicate the reasons for the non-compliance of the surfboard.
  2. Payment of the transaction price will be suspended until the resolution of the claim or within the period of 30 days.
  3. The compliance of the product is checked.
  4. Buyer will still be able to accept the surfboard or offer a new price that the seller may or may not accept. In the event of a refusal, the transaction will be cancelled and the buyer will be immediately refunded.

What happens if I’ve bought a surfboard and I want to withdraw ?
You have a discretionary right to withdraw within 14 days of the actual receipt of the product.

  1. Notify your intention to withdraw by informing Akewatu Team using your Akewatu messaging or [email protected]
  2. Return your surfboard, with all its accessories and documents and in a package that guarantees the integrity of the product when it is shipped.
  3. The return of the product will give rise to a refund equal to all the sums you’ve paid. The costs of return incurred by exercising this right will be by the buyer.
Article written by John
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