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Surfboard for sale - New and second-hand surfboards

If you too are a true surf lover, always looking for the perfect board, you are in the right place: welcome to the biggest board catalog in Europe! With over 4000 second-hand and new referenced surfboards, for all surfing style and levels, there is only one thing left to do: just add water. All our surfboards are checked by pros before shipping. So don't hesitate to order your boards, we're committed to make sure the board will fit with your needs. And if you have any question, feel free to contact us using our chat box on the bottom right of your screen.
Al Merrick, Firewire, Libtech, Haydenshapes and many more: a ton of new and used boards coming from the workshops and shaping rooms of the biggest names in the industry, regrouped on our site, just for you. Nope, you are not dreaming. No matter if it's to draw some retro lines with your new Fish or to levitate above the water while hanging ten on your Longboard's nose, you are at the right place. If right now, you are looking for some vertical turns, aerials, barrels and other tricks of the best surfers out there, our shortboard selection will allow you to express the Kelly Slater or Stephanie Gilmore in you. No matter your level, style or the conditions in which you surf, you will find here the board that will bring you to become the surfer you always dreamed to be.