Channel Island and Al Merrick Surfboards in UK - Used and new surfboards

Channel Island and Al Merrick surfboards - Buy the best boards for surfing

With designs coming straight from California, Channel Island Al Merrick boards have earned an amazing reputation thanks to models like the Sampler or the Dumpster. Find these models and more in our used certified or new Al Merrick boards selection. With all the different shapes and sizes to choose from, you will for sure find the one that will help you draw curves like Dane Reynolds.

Explore Al Merrick & Channel island Surfboards

Any surfer knows Al Merrick and the models he created for Kelly Slater, Tom Curren or Dane Reynolds. The shaper has followed the career of these talents from the beginning.

Local from Santa Barbara, Al Merrick is well-known for the rigor and solid performance of his boards. Through modern shapes and unique outlines, Al Merrick has led the evolution of the high-performance shortboards


Which Al merrick or CI surfboards to choose?

Nowadays, Britt Merrick is working on the Channel Island surfbrand. He develops models so that all surfers have access to ultra high performance boards and innovative shapes. Models such as Happy, Neck Beard or Rocket Wide are desired by surfers with technique who always seek to be at their best level. Other models like the Twin Pin are ideal for more relaxed surfers and let's not forget the legendary Black Beauty, a replica of Tom Curren's surfboard when he won at Bells Beach in 1986. Don’t forget the CI-Mid, a versatile mid-length offering unique retro style with nice long curves.