Catch Surf - Odysea Catch Surf Board, Log and Beater - New & Used

Catch Surf - Odysea Catch Surf Board, Log and Beater - New & Used

Catch Surf is focused on developing softboards that are easy to surf, fun with high performance. Surfers like Kalani Robb or Jamie O'brien show that these boards are suitable for all surfers and all conditions. The Catch Surf range features softboards with a bold look and different outlines such as small fish, hybrids to longboards.

Discover the Catch Surf brand:

Catch Surf was born in California with lots of sun and waves in the mix. One of today's coolest surfing brands that combines super fun Softboards with high performance.

Innovative boards

The Catch Surf Odysea boards have revolutionized the Softboard market and the way of surfing on a board of this type.

Popular models like the Catch Surf Odysea Skipper Quad and the Catch Surf Odysea Log are suitable for all levels of surfing and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and irreverent graphics. Who hasn't seen a clip of Kalani Robb or Jamie O'Brien tearing up these models?

Retro trend boards

For those looking for an innovative Soft Top board with a Retro twist, check out the Heritage Single and Retro Twin models.

Catch Surf plays with your surf in a very fun way!

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