Chilli Surfboards - new and used

Chilli Surfboards - New and Used Surfboards

Chilli Surfboards, founded by shaper Jamie Cheal, is a brand that continues to innovate. Whether by design or by the materials used, Chilli Surfboards allows all types of surfers to benefit from boards designed with this lens of progression. To you the huge carves, tunes, tubes and other maneuvers that can inspire you. You just have to watch their team rider Jay Davis, to understand the quality of these boards.

Chilli Surfboards, the most spicy of the high performance surfboards brands

Chilli Surfboards founder James Cheal is known for the performance of his boards. Focused on rigor, clean lines and modernity, Chilli boards are the choice of talents like Jay Davies, Adriano de Sousa or Mitch Coleborn.

Chilli was also the shaper for the legendary Andy Irons, who surfed his surfboards to win his 3rd world title. Model A2 is a reproduction of one of the AI surfboards and can be found in this section.

Which Chilli is made for you?

Nowadays, Chilli offers several models that offer exemplary performance for surfers of all levels. Faded or Spaw are allround boards with a sharp outline and that work well on the rail, while Rare Bird or Chilli Peppa are Hybrid boards, with extra measures to work well in any condition. For Twin fans, Sugar is the right choice.

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