Firewire surf - New and used surfboards

Welcome to the universe of Firewire, an innovating figure in the high-performance surfboard world. If you are looking for a used certified or new boards, innovating shortboard or longboard, stop and take a look here! We have put together a little "made by Akewatu" selection just for you - let us know what you think!
Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Tomo surfboards... Just a couple big names in the Firewire house who are always looking to draft the first lines of tomorrow's surfing. Light, high-performance, solid epoxy surfboards: it was a promise, it quickly became a reality with the years, making the brand a true reference in the surfboard market. From the Go Fish to the Sci Fi of Slater Designs, or the Evo of Tomo surfboards as well as the different models developed by John John Florence's shaper John Pyzel: make your pick, get in the water and start drawing lines like never before. We offer these models in new or used so that you can find the one that also fits your budget. Akewatu's Firewire catalog is built to help you find the right boardm no matter if it's a shortboard or a longboard, whatever the size that suits your needs. Make you choice, and see you at the peak!