Surf Firewire - Large selection of surfboards online - New & Used

Surf Firewire - Large selection of surfboards online - New & Used

Here you will find the classics and the latest Firewire models, whether new or used, this section has the board you are looking for. With an innovative and eco friendly manufacturing process, Firewire is one of the most popular brands today and its boards are easy to surf, fast and resistant. Here you will find from the SKX shortboard, the hybrid Mash Up or Dominator to the Mid Length Seaside & Beyond or the HI4HI Longboard, in short, a complete range of boards for all levels and for all surfers.

What is Firewire?

Firewire is focused on innovating the surfer experience in design, manufacturing process and materials with less impact on the environment. Since the beginning, Firewire has been increasingly concerned with the impact of production materials and is currently an example in the industry.

What are the advantages of Firewire?

Firewire surfboards go through demanding quality processes, which affects design and performance in the water. These boards are super intuitive and give the surfer the confidence to take their surfing to new heights.

What are the flagship models?

The performance line, thought about progressive and technical surfing, includes models like Slater Design FRK or Tomo SKY, while models signed by Rob Machado, like Seaside Helium or Sunday Helium offer surfers a lot of freedom and fluidity.

This section is prepared so that you can find the Firewire card that is right for you. On Akewatu find the best of surfing online with many references of boards, wetsuits, accessories and many other products...