Haydenshapes Surf - new and used

Haydenshapes - new and used surfboards

For a few years now, Hayden Cox has been designing small jewels under the Haydenshapes brand. World famous thanks to the Hypto Krypto, this board mixing new school surf and retro surf, its designs are unique and will allow you to bring a new vision to your surf. The free surfer Craig Anderson is one of the surfers with whom Hayden Cox develops his designs. The knowledge of these two geniuses of surfing could only go in the good sense will you say to me! The proof below!

Get to know HaydenShapes Surfboards

Born in 1997, HaydenShapes is known for its contemporary designs as well as the modern, high-performance materials the shapers use in their progressive shapes. Art and innovation is at the heart of every surfboard that comes out of the HaydenShapes factory - wich makes the brands uncategorised. Founder Hayden Cox, is also well-known for the FutureFlex technology - a carbon frame technology that has proven its results in high performance shortboards.
Haydenshapes is trusted and surfed by an incredible team of free-riders. Included are Dion Agius, Nate Tyler or Craig Anderson.

Which HaydenShape models are made for you?

HaydenShapes range is more than complete with many timeless classics for all styles of surfers and new models, always more innovative and sustainable. HaydenShapes surfboards are made to generate speed and offer fluidity in surfing with an attractive design.

Get to know the Hypto Krypto Surfboard, Holy Grail & the Glider.

Models such as the Hypto Krypto, a hybrid board with exceptional performance is the choice of many surfers looking for a light and resistant board that allows them to surf in all conditions. You can surf the Hypto Krypto as a thruster or a Twin fin: find the Hyto Krypto Twin, a modern take on a classic twin fin feel offering nice concaves and versatility.

As the name suggests, Holy Grail has strong qualities. This model is very radical with a high performance outline, allows progressive surfing and works definitely well in the pocket. Born from a chat with Ben Wilkison, who wanted to turn on big waves, the board has evolved in several versions to become one of the most liked models of Dion Agius, offering an epic carve with furious pop to go in air on powerful waves.

Also created in collaboration with Dion Agius, HS Raven offers high performing attributes, with progessive lines and with a 90’s carve style. Perfect for 3ft+ conditions and this winter.

New from the HaydenShapes Family, the Glider is what One Bad Egg is to Mark Phipps or CI Mid to Channel Island - A modern interpretation of a 70’s single fin tracker. With a super flat rocker offering ease in paddle and a rail shape staying true to the speed of a classic mid-length, you’ll just dream of its curves after the sesh. One of Craig Anderson fav in his quiver.

Here you can explore the latest models or the classics from HaydenShapes. If you have any questions, just call us. Also explore other popular surf brands such as DHD, Firewireor JS Industries.