Lost surfboards - new and used

Lost Surfboards

Opt for an innovating vision and take part in tomorrow's surfing. Come to discover the Lost Surfboards developed by Matt Biolos, a.k.a Mayhem. From the Quiver Killer to the Sub-Driver and the Puddle Jumper, find an array of used and new surfboards, with which vertical maneuvers will become part of your daily life.

Explore Lost surfboard & Mayhem - Shortboards, handmade in California

Lost was founded in the 1980s by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos in California. Since early on, Matt and his group of friends stand out for their irreverence in and out of the water. With the best surfers looking for their boards to achieve better performances. Surfers like Andy Irons and Taj Burrow always chose to use Lost at places like Trestles, where progressive surfing is key. Today surfers like Kolohe Andino and Mason Ho continue to show the rigor and performance of Mayhem boards.

Lost has just launched a line inspired by the 80s and 90s through Retro Ripper or Rad Ripper. Mayhem is constantly innovating, either in its partnership with Libtech or through the use of Carbon Wrap through the V3 Rocket Carbon Wrap model.

Here you'll find, in addition to these, the most popular models like Drive or Sub Driver.