Modern surfboards - Surfboards, Hybrid and Fish - New & Used

Modern surfboards - Surfboards, Hybrid and Fish - New & Used

Modern are boards that make surfing easier. Here you will find Egg, Hybrid and Mid Lengths boards that will do wonders for your surfing. Models like the Love Child or Falcon offer good paddling, stability and work well on the rail, you will certainly catch a lot of waves per session and generate a lot of speed. The Highline model is retro inspired, a smooth board with a lot of feeling.

What is Modern Surfboards?

Modern Surfboards focus on surfboards that are easy to surf. With models for all levels, especially for surfers looking for a more relaxed surf with soft and fluid lines.

Which model for which surfing?

Here you'll find Modern's most popular model, the Love Child, a hybridboard with plenty of paddling power and natural speed. If your wave is more retro these days, you should opt for the Highline or the Retro, a classic longboard at its best.

But still...the Golden Rule

Other models like the Golden Rule or the Falcon are just as easy to surf to make the most of each session.

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