Prism Softboard Wide
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Prism Softboard Wide

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    Product Details

    A comfortable board with a good width that will give stability and confidence to the greatest number. Easy paddling, small footprint, the guarantee of great versatility. Perfect to start and take the first foams. It has a carrying handle for more comfort in transport. Based on the most innovative softboard technologies, these boards are very light and very robust. - molded EPS core, high strength and flex - 2 internal stringers (reinforcement slats) along the entire length - SOFT TOP PE (top and rails in 5mm thick polyethylene) - FCS1 and FCS 2 adaptable fin assembly (FC2 adaptable soft fins supplied)

    Technical Information

    Softboard Wide
    Type of board :
    Ideal wave type :
    Small, mushy, 1.6ft to 3.2ft, 2.6ft to 3.9ft
    Condition :