Pyzel Astro Pop
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Pyzel Astro Pop

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    Product Details

    The Astro Pop is designed to give you the extra edge and easy paddling in medium and slower waves, while maintaining performance and fun. Built off of the Astro, the retro fish we've been making for years, the Astro Pop has a more drawn nose and tail, with a little wing to help pull in the last 4 inches of the tail, creating lots of curve in the outline, adding maneuverability without sacrificing speed. The bottom has a deep double concave that runs through the V-tail, which makes the board rise above the water in even slower, weaker waves and rolls over the rail easily at high speeds. A soft beak nose helps keep the thickness in the nose, but it's not too chunky, more like a daily rider type board, but with easy paddling aided by the flatter entry rocker. We recommend the Astro Pop as a quad, for the speed, but it comes with a 5 fin setup to maximize versatility.

    Technical Information

    Astro Pop
    Type of board :
    Ideal wave type :
    Small, medium, mushy, hollow, fast, 1.6ft to 3.2ft, 2.6ft to 3.9ft, 3ft to 5ft, 3.9ft to 6ft
    Condition :
    As new