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Shortboard - New and used surfboards

Welcome to shortboard paradise. You will find in our large selection of shortboard surfboards both certified used and new boards, sporting the logo of the biggest brands, like Lost, Al Merrick, Phipps or Bradley. No matter what you are looking for, there is something here for everyone.
Aerial, barrel, floater, round house cut back, and one more barrel to wrap it up. No, it's not a surf film scenario, but the type of maneuvers you'll be able to perform thanks to our shortboard selection. Better than Alibaba's cavern, Akewatu gathers designs thought and shaped by the biggest names out there. New or certified used surfboards, from Al Merrick to Lost and Bradley, we offer you a selection as large as a barrel at Jaws. From high-performance to all-around boards, no matter if you are a Tom-Curren-to-be or just a shortboard lover, you will discover an array of boards that will boost your progression all the way to the top step of the podium. Quick tech tip to help you choose your board - we wouldn't want you to miss the rare gem. You have probably heard all these terms that sound like coded language: concave, vee, rocker, contour, tail, nose, rail, etc. But what does it all mean, and how is it going to influence your surfing? That's the question to ask oneself whenever the time has come to pick a new battle horse. The concave is the down curve from one rail to the other under the board, also called contour. Concave can be simple or double and include volume variations like a vee, a ridge that follows the board's stringer. A well-pronounced concave will increase maneuverability thanks to a contact between the board and the water that will be mostly on the rails. It will facilitate the transfer from the left to the right rail, and vice-versa, which is very important in high-performance surfing. Those are some aspects to consider when it's time to make a choice. If you have any questions concerning a specific model, or if you just need advice in order to find your "magic board", head to the Chat section and one of our experts will help you find what you need.