Takayama surfboards - new and used

Takayama - new and used surfboards

Founded by Donald Takayama, true master of longboard, recognized as one of the best of his time, he will become one of the references in terms of shape. Shaper for champions such as Joel Tudor or Miky Dora, the designs of longboards and more broadly Takayama boards are incredible. Years of know-how transcribed in the form of a surfboard. Surfing one of these boards is simply a privilege!

Surfboards by Donald Takayma. The longboards from Hawaï.

Donald Takayama is a legendary shaper and recognized by all Longboarders around the world.

Takayama's experience goes back over 40 years and currently remains a reference in the world of boards.

His models are unmistakable thanks to clean lines that combine the best of the past with modernity, an example of which is the collaboration Takayama Surftech.

Here you can find the well-known In The Pink or Scorpion models, either in PU or Tuflite, these boards will brighten your life.