Billabong surfing wetsuits

From 3-times world champion Andy Irons to CT rookie Griffin Colopinto, some of the biggest names out there sport the Billabong wetsuit and you can do just like them. Take a look the products coming from the stock of our partner shops, that are made with 45 years of experience in the field! A time where you probably didn't even exist... Bottm line: they know what they are doing.
There is no magic behind taking neoprene and making a wetsuit out of it. Magic, certainly not, but a team of experts working hard to conceive the best possible product: that, definitely. That is what Billabong does - always looking to push progress even further, with wetsuits that are more innovating than one another. Are you looking for a 5/4 winter wetsuit or a 2/2 spring suit? Or maybe do you need a versatile 3/2? With models like the Furnace, Revolution, or Absolute, ranging from the shorty to the full, hooded suit, we have a large choice of Billabong wetsuits, made especially to fulfill the needs of surfers like you and me. No matter if you are an expert, beginner or intermediate, the brand offers models for all budgets and needs in terms of technical aspects. This is why you can find in this section wetsuits ranging from entry-level to the highest-performance ones available.