Kids surfing wetsuits all sizes Rip Curl

Kids surfing wetsuits

For all groms who caught the surf virus and spend all their time in the water: here is a vast selection of kids surfing wetsuits. Equip them well to face all weather conditions, no matter the season.

Explore the wetsuit for Kids and juniors with +500 models available online from the best surfbrands - Billabong, Rip Curl or O’Neill.

If you surf regularly, you know that a wetsuit that keeps you warm, comfortable and allows you freedom of movement is essential to get the most out of every session.

Children can spend a lot of time wearing the suit, whether between sessions or a long surf session, so it is essential to be properly protected. If summer calls for a Rip Curl Omega 3/2 or even a Junior short sleeve Rip Curl Dawn Patrol, winter will work best with a Billabong Absolute 4/3 or a Rip Curls Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 4/3.

Here we present several options for different times of the year or different locations.