Sen No Sen - Men's / Women's Surf Suits

Sen No Sen - surf suit

The French brand Sen No Sen is based in southwestern France. Offering surf suits for both winter and summer sessions, there is no doubt that you will find the one that suits you best. Manufactured in a short circuit in a logic of ethics and quality of production, Sen No Sen suits are said to be timeless, which can satisfy all surfers. So if you want to keep your sessions warm while adopting an ethical approach and continue tearing everything on your board, Sen No Sen is an excellent choice!

Sen no Sen Brand

Sen No Sen is a brand based in South West France focused on design and quality of materials and production.

Created by Mathieu Desaphie with influence on Japanese culture and the good quality of neoprene produced in this region.

Sen no Sen products

So Sen No Sen offers an exclusive collection of wetsuits for men and women with different thicknesses and extraordinary comfort and warmth combined with the flexibility of neoprene and cutting-edge cuts. Don't miss the Sen No Sen Wetsuits line in this section.

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